Project Description

A screen saver using Virtual Earth APIs which reads RSS feeds to show interesting Virtual Earth birdseye and satellite images from users with information about those images.

NEW Features for 1.1 Release
  • Supports multiple monitors. You now have the option to show different scenes on each monitor, one scene stretched across all monitors, or one scene on the primary monitor with the other monitors blank.
  • Supports proxy settings. You have the option to use the browser default proxy settings, use no proxy, or enter your own proxy settings.
  • Uses Microsoft Virtual Earth 6.1 Map Control APIs

  • Supports multiple RSS feeds showing Virtual Earth scenes
  • Displays information about the scene from the RSS feed in the top right of the screen
  • Supports PageUp/PageDown and arrow keys to allow you to manually cycle through feed images while the screensaver is running
  • Supports Enter key to launch the current scene in Live Search Maps
  • Supports custom RSS Feeds (from Internet or local disk). See samplefeed.xml as an example. The default RSS feeds are from Virtual Globetrotting and Birdseye Tourist
  • Supports Aerial, Hybrid, Road, and Birdseye permalinks from Live Search Maps in RSS feeds
  • Supports automatic image update time in seconds (default is 90 seconds), and feed update time in minutes (default is 120 minutes)
  • Supported on Windows with .NET Framework 2.0

Sample Screen Shots

vess01.jpg vess02.jpg vess03.jpg vess04.jpg vess06.jpg vess05.jpg


1. Download and Run VirtualEarthScreensaverSetup.msi and go through the setup process.


2. Go to Screen Saver settings in Windows and select "VirtualEarthScreensaver" as your screen saver.


  • Click on Settings in the Screen Saver options dialog to go to the Virtual Earth Screensaver options form
  • Enter RSS Feeds. To specify multiple RSS feed Urls, separate them with a semicolon ";"
  • Enter Image Update Time in seconds. This is the time an image will remain on the screen.
  • Enter RSS Feed Update Time in minutes. This is the time RSS feeds will be re-read if your screensaver is running for a long time.
  • If you have more than one monitor connected to your system, under Multiple Monitor Settings, select your settings:
    • Show a Different Scene on Each Monitor
    • Stretch Scene Across All Monitors
    • Only Show Scene on First Monitor
  • Under Proxy Settings, select your proxy settings
    • Do not use a proxy server. This will turn off proxy settings.
    • Use default browser proxy settings. This is the default and will default to the proxy settings of your browser.
    • Use the following proxy server. This allows you to specify custom proxy settings.

Community Contribution

If you would like to participate in the development of Virtual Earth Screen Saver, send an e-mail to to request an Assignment Agreement form.

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